Tripod Turnstile Mechanism

CSTSE02 Semi-automatic Tripod Turnstile Mechanism

Product display Feature &Function1.Case material 304 SS with a thickness of 1.5mm2. DC12V electromechanical motor ensures: positive locking operation for one person at a time; prevention of revers

  • Model: CSTSE02
Product display


New Design Tripod Turnstile Mechanism Semi-automatic

New Design Tripod Turnstile Mechanism Semi-automaticNew Design Tripod Turnstile Mechanism Semi-automatic

Feature &Function

1.Case material 304 SS with a thickness of 1.5mm

2. DC12V electromechanical motor ensures: positive locking operation for one person at a time; prevention of reverse rotation

3. Emergency time and black out time: the arm will drop automatically to keep a clear passage for evacuation

4. Interfaces available for access control systems as biometric readers, RFID readers, scanning readers,push buttons, ect

5.Bi-directional pass controlled electronically

6.Photo-electric arm positioning

7. Auto-locking when the grace time of the authorised signal ends; and the time is adjustable

8.Status lights indicators available

9.Passenger counters available

New Design Tripod Turnstile Mechanism Semi-automatic

New Design Tripod Turnstile Mechanism Semi-automatic

Product Model
Power Supply
AC 220V/110V   10% 50/60MHZ (optional)
Operating Temperature
Relative Humidity
≤95%, No Densation
Access Width
Passing Speed
30people per person
Input Connection
+12V Level Signal or Pulse Wide>100ms DC12V
Communication Connection
Without RS485 Communication
aluminum and stainless steel
No Motor,Spring Driving
Protection Grade
SSB(US32D)- Stainless Steel Brushed / Powder Coating(Optional)
Operation Place
Subway Station, Hoverport,Tourism Sports,Exhibition, Swimming Hall,Residence Area,Enterprise's Entrance and Exit Attendance,Gateway Guard,Charge Management,Special Access Control

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