Face Recognition Terminal

7-inch face recognition temperature measurement terminal

Product diagram Interface layout Product photo TR307H-L1-A gate type Right view Front view TR307H-B1-A wall installation type Front type Left view Product characteristicsl

  • Model: TR307H

Product diagram

 Interface layout

Chisung Intelligence Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Limited | China Guangdong


 Product photo

 TR307H-L1-A gate type


Chisung Intelligence Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Limited | China Guangdong

Chisung Intelligence Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Limited | China Guangdong


TR307H-B1-A wall installation type

Chisung Intelligence Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Limited | China Guangdong

Chisung Intelligence Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Limited | China Guangdong



 Product characteristics

Adopt off-line face recognition technology to recognize multiple races such as Asian, Caucasian and Black

Support functions such as face recognition whitelist access, blacklist early-warning, and photo taken after passing

Support the recognition of mask wearers

Support external high precision infrared temperature detection module, which enables non-contact self-service temperature measurement to reduce the risk of cross-infection

Support voice alarm of abnormal temperature and stop their access

Support back-end PC system to centrally manage the access records such as temperature, visitors, whitelist, and real-time data traceability

Support external ID reader, which enables function of face - ID comparison

Support external IC/ID reader, which enables function of face - card comparison

Support active object detection to prevent photo attacks

Self-service face collection and batch import list allow the list management more effortless and time-saving

Custom voice allows personalized voice broadcast

Support image and video advertising

Up to 100,000 data (loop written)

Support remote upgrade USB update on the management side

Open interface, support secondary development and docking

Specification parameters

Product model



Basic parameters

Installation scenarios

Wall installation

Gate installation

Operating temperature and humidity

-10ºC to 55ºC,<90ºC RH

Protection level



Application scenarios

Indoors (no sunlight interference)


238*128*21mm (Height*Width*Thickness)

439*128*21mm (Height*Width*Thickness)


Aluminum alloy

System parameters


Embedded Linux system


High-performance ARM framework 32-bit 2-core


Internal storage 512M, data storage 8GB

Display screen

7" 170 degree wide-angle IPS LCD with resolution of 1024*600

Lens focus



Binocular camera, 200W pixels with WDR

Infrared temperature measurement

Temperature measurement range


Temperature measurement accuracy


Temperature measurement error


Temperature measurement distance


Recognition performance

Recognition distance


Recognition time

Less than 300ms

Storage capacity of face database

1: N, N<=50000



Peripheral interface

Power interface

1 x DC12V, DC005 female 2.1*5.5

USB interface

2 x USB2.0

Relay output

1 x on-off output, 2PIN 3.8 spacing terminal

RJ45 cable interface

1 x RJ45 Internet access

Wiegand output interface

1 x WG output

Door sensor signal

1 x door sensor detection  

Firefighting linkage

1 x firefighting linkage