1. Q: What's CHISUNG monthly production capacity for barrier gate?
A: 3000 units.

2. Q: As for the over-heating problem of barrier gate
A: CHISUNG barrier gate has motor cooling fan which can solve the problem of over heating-protection. But CSDZ601 and CSDZ701 don’t have motor cooling fan.

3. Q: Sometimes, Why the barrier boom would open automatically?
A: Please check if the limit switch is on the right position; if not, please adjust the Limit Switch. Please refer to last page of Barrier Gate Manual. Or you can adjust the adjusting screw. And the last step is to check the intensity of the spring.

4. Q: What’s the max length of barrier boom with rubber for the 6-second barrier gate?
A: It is 5m boom with rubber. If the length is more than 5m, two springs are needed.

5. Q: For Barrier Gate (CSDZ701), can the contact of the control board be normally closed?
A: Yes. But this contact program is fixed and cannot be changed. And before the order production, this has to be decided.

6. Q: Remote-control distance
A: In general, most of CHISUNG 418 remote control can cover 100 meters, but it is not safe and stable to control the barrier gate from 100 meters away. CHISUNG recommends using the remote control within 30 meters or 50 meters.

7. Q: Barrier gate boom vibrates too much on limit position
A: (1) Check up the shock absorption spring, if it is broken, change it
(2) The shock absorption buffer rod is not fixed well

8. Q: Barrier gate boom is not on vertical or horizontal limit position
A: (1) The limit shade patch is not on the right place
(2) The shock absorption spring is not fixed well
(3) The limit switch is not connected well

9. Q: Remote control using distance becomes short
A: Check up the battery inside, then change it if it is lack of power

10. Q: Remote control has not effected on the barrier gate
A: (1) Check up the barrier gate power supply
(2) Check up the fuse of control panel
(3) Check up the encoding of the remote control and remote receiver
(4) Check up the connection of remote receiver

11. Q: The user changes the control panel, the electrical parts work, but the mechanical parts do not work
A: (1) The motor does not run, but has a sound like ‘buzz’, please check the capacitor connection
(2) Check up power connection of the motor
(3) Check up ‘Installing direction’ setting is on the right direction

12. Q: The user changes the control panel, but the barrier gate boom works abnormally
A: (1) Check up the motor wires connection is correct or not
(2) Check up ‘Installing direction’ setting is on the right direction

13. Q: Is it changeable for the installation direction of the barrier gates?
A: The installation direction of CSDZ101, 102,201,301,501series barrier gates is fixed. But CSDZ601 and CSDZ701 are adjustable.

14. Q: Is barrier gate speed adjustable?
A: No, different barrier gate motors have their fixed speed; which is consistent with the speed value indicating on the control panel.

15. Q: Can CHISUNG barrier gate be used outdoors, even in extreme weathers?
A: Yes, the working temperature is -40℃~+75℃