Made in China, not just the lower price, the quality already proved

2020-04-29 11:45:32 admin 48

As a sale in the field of mechanical and electrical products for at least 12 years, we are the Chisung company, I have made the business with many different clients all over the world, thanks for the clients who order our products, and they like our price and quality, our customers companies become strong and strong, as their suppliers, our company is becoming bigger and bigger, it is really a win-win situation.

Many clients prove that our product, which is made in China, has also the best quality beside the lower price.

Of course, there are many clients who do not like the products made in China, and they said that besides the price, as their ideas, made in China is not good, i can say that, some idea is right, some idea is not a fact, we request use the developing idea to learn the new world.

I have some opinions about such situation as follows: 

1.     The economy and power of China is developing fast in recently 20 years, 20 years ago, China GDP id the number 13thof world, now it is 2rd of the world, Country and Government is becoming power and strong, while people is richer and rich, it is the basic of the industrial engineering, so the Chinaindustrial upgradingis fast, before it was mainly industrial, now it is the high technology products, such as the 5G, aviation, which has higher the industrial of China.

We can say that, in the 20 years, China is near the ability of the industrial of EU, even in some field overcome them, yes, the power and money is the basic of the industrial.

2.     The made-in-China is popular in the world with the lower price for many years, it is a fact, the lower rent land, the lower price of the material, the lower cost of the labor, so at the last, the products price is lower as the same products in the world.

3.    Now as the biggest markets in the world, China has the big request for any products, not only made in China, also from oversea markets, such big request to push the company to upgrade their technology to make the better products, and then the better quality products are also sent to the oversea markets, it is sold well, so it is proved now.

4.    For the Covid-19 situation is not good now, and if you request the products urgently, you can buy from Italy and China, if Italy can not supply, you can buy from China, it is a good way.


All in all, Made in Italy, even EU, is better, while made in China is also better now, so there is no any reasons to say that which one is better, which is not, why not we say, both is better.

Made in China, not just the lower price, the quality already proved, If you request the products, you have two choice now, Italy or China, but not Italy is better than China or China is better than Italy.

Clinton Zhang

Manager of Chisung Company

Chisung Intelligence Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Limited | China Guangdong