Swing Gate Operator

Swing Gate Operator CSSGO Series

Product Name:Swing Gate OperatorProduct No.:CSSGO-01, CSSGO-02,CSSGO-03Picture -Specification for swing gate motoritem:Swing gate motorInput:120V/60HZ OR 230V/50HZMotor voltage: 80W*2/24VDCActuato

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Product NameSwing Gate Operator

Product No.:CSSGO-01, CSSGO-02,CSSGO-03





-Specification for swing gate motor

item:Swing gate motor
Input:120V/60HZ OR 230V/50HZ
Motor voltage:80W*2/24VDC
Actuator Speed:16MM/S
Max.actuator travel:385MM
Max.weight of each gate:400KGS
Max.width of each gate:4M
Ambient temperature:From -30℃ to 55℃
Protection Class:IP44

--Features for swing gate motor :

1. Soft start and soft stop

2.Emergency release key in case of power failure

3.Dual/single gate running mode

4.Adjustable opening/closing interval between master and slave gate

5.Stop/Reverse in case of obstruction during gate opening/closing

6.Built in adjustable auto-close

7.Digital display indicates the running situation and setting menu

8.Reliable electromagnetism limit for easy adjustment

9.Built in max Motor running timeadjustable for multiple safety protection

10.Solar compatible,GSM remote control switch compatible

--One set of swing gate motor including

Control box(1pc), Mounting Guide, Warning Sign(4pcs), Remote control(2pcs), Actuator(2pc)


1. Close, Open, Stop, one side door (Remote control)

2. Caution Light, Courtyard Spotlight (Light time can be adjusted)

3. Automatically close the door by extended time period

4. Operation time can be adjusted

5.Motor power can be adjusted

6.Soft start-up

Protecting function:

1. Defend collision when open the door.

2. Defend collision when close the door.

3. Defend collision, clip and stop when meet obstacle.


1.Motor: AC

2.Power: 120W (AC)

3.Working Voltage: 220V (110V)

4.Running speed: 1400n/min

5.Shift gears: 1:30

6.Output axis running speed: 46:5n/min

7.Output axis square: 17nm

8.Max Handspike: 300mm

9.Handspike speed: 16.88mm/s

10.Max door weight: 400kgs

11.Max door width: 4m