Parking Barrier Gate

Barrier Gate CSDZ801 series

Product Name:Barrier Gate CSDZ801 seriesProduct No.:CSDZ8011.Straight-boom Barrier Gate2.2.90-degree-boom Barrier Gate3.180-degree-boom Barrier G

  • Model:

Product Name:Barrier Gate CSDZ801 series

Product No.:CSDZ801

1.Straight-boom Barrier Gate


2.2.90-degree-boom Barrier Gate

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3.180-degree-boom Barrier Gate

Chisung Intelligence Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Limited | China Guangdong

4.Two-fence-boom Barrier Gate

Chisung Intelligence Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Limited | China Guangdong

5.Three-fence-boom Barrier Gate

Chisung Intelligence Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Limited | China Guangdong

Model Selection and Differences

ModelBoom ShapeMax Boom LengthSpeed
CSDZ80116Straight boom4.5m6 seconds
CSDZ80113Straight boom4m3 seconds
CSDZ8012690 degree, Articulated boom4m6 seconds
CSDZ8012390 degree, Articulated boom3m3 seconds
CSDZ80136180 degree, Articulated boom4m6 seconds
CSDZ80133180 degree, Articulated boom3m3 seconds
CSDZ80146Two-level, fence boom3.5m6 seconds
CSDZ80156Three-level, fence boom3m6 seconds

Functions & Features:

1.Advanced manual release

2.Boom can rise and fall on left/right side by setting on the same machine

3.No need to change the balance spring when changing the booms

4.Adopts the 3rd generation  machine core

5.Supports the infrared photocell for anti-bumping function (optional)

6.Supports the external and internal vehicle loop detector (optional)

7.Auto closing

8.RS485 communication module (optional)

9.Thermal radiates rapidly, no thermal protection

10.Die-cast aluminum alloy machine core and advanced double-stage driving motor effectively solve the problem of mechanism block up

11.Special art and craft makes out the most modernized and fashionable housing 12.Safety photo electricity limit switch

Technical data:

Electronic box working temperature:-40℃~+75℃

Power: 220V±10%, 110V±10%, 50/60HZ

House material: Cold steel

Rated power: 120W

Relative humidity: ≤90%

Remote control distance: ≥30m

Net weight: 60kgs

Speed: 3S, 6S