Parking Barrier Gate

Barrier Gate CSDZ101 series

Straight-boom Barrier Gate,90-degree-boom Barrier Gate,180-degree-boom Barrier Gate,Two-fence-boom Barrier Gate,Three-fence-boom Barrier Gate

  • Model:

Product Name:Barrier Gate CSDZ102 series

Product No.:CSDZ102

1.Straight-boom Barrier GateChisung Intelligence Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Limited | China Guangdong
2.90-degree-boom Barrier GateChisung Intelligence Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Limited | China Guangdong
3.180-degree-boom Barrier Gateww
4.Two-fence-boom Barrier GateDZ105j-2
5.Three-fence-boom Barrier GateDZ105-

Model Selection and Differences


ModelBoom ShapeMax Boom LengthSpeed
CSDZ10116Straight boom6m6 seconds
CSDZ10113Straight boom4.5m3 seconds
CSDZ10111Straight boom3m1 second
CSDZ1012690 degree, Articulated boom5m6 seconds
CSDZ1012390 degree, Articulated boom3m3 seconds
CSDZ10136180 degree, Articulated boom5m6 seconds
CSDZ10133180 degree, Articulated boom3m3 seconds
CSDZ10146Two-level, fence boom4.5m6 seconds
CSDZ10156Three level, fence boom4m6 seconds


Functions & Features:

1. Manual release device to operate the barrier when power failure

2. Barrier motor with die-casting aluminum alloy is high-hermetic and easy for heat dissipation

3. Motor cooling fan to avoid the over-heating possibility

4. Automatic reversing when the barrier boom meets the obstruction

5. Auto closing realization through menu setting on the control panel

6. The barrier works well with infrared photocells, loop detectors, card readers, ticket dispensers, manual switch(wire control), traffic light

7. RS485 Communication Module is compatible


Technical data:

Electronic box working temperature:-40℃~+75℃

Power: 220V±10%, 110V±10%, 50/60HZ

House material: Cold steel

Rated power: 120W

Relative humidity: ≤90%

Remote control distance: ≥30m

Net weight: 60kgs

Speed: 1S, 3S, 6S

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